Raging opinions

Today in the news there was an article about how pollution from China is blowing over to California. In the same news Bill Gates predicted that there would be hardly any poor countries by 2035. By that time you Aaron will be almost 40 years old, and it will be interesting to see if you have to wear a gas mask as you bike to work in Ho Chi Minh City.
Maybe you will have run your own company and could retire, or maybe you will have invented a source of cheap energy like your Dad always dreamed of doing, but got side tracked into soft ware design for Health Management.
All I know is that I wake up every day with watery eyes, and have to use various medications to treat allergies caused by air pollution or pollen from trees that seem to be blooming year round with the warmer climate.
Now we are suffereing from drought in California, and I am using bath water to flush, and not taking as many showers.
The governor has announced a water emergency and asked us to cut use by 20%.
My use has been cut by 50%, but it only calms my own conscience.
I am still writing about over population and arguing with die hard Catholics about religion and the treatment of women.
I hope that by 2035 these matters will be resolved.


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