The Talk

We do not like to talk about this subject but we should anyway. That is Death! How many times do we read the morning paper and get the overnight death count in wars, street violence or obituaries, and skim over as to what it really means?

In my long life, my family has suffered through many untimely deaths, like my younger brother, my not so old Mom, my oldest son and daughter, through cancer and suicide, and the death of my marriage.

When people post stories on Facebook about a man that was murdered I think to myself, “And I should care about this because?’

Death comes to us all, and we have to think about what it means. There is no coming back, no rewards or punishments waiting, and no going around again to get it right. This is all a bunch of fantasies that men have dreamed up to comfort themselves.

I am strong enough to face the real facts, and that is dead is dead. So as one of my relatives said after I asked why she continued to read True Crime stories without being affected by them- “They are gone, and do not suffer. They do not affect me,”

The same is not true for this person when it is a member of the family or someone close to the family. Then there is a great deal of weeping and wailing, and gnashing of teeth. We can deal with death in the abstract but not when it is close to us. I say- do your grieving and move on, because it will be your turn soon enough, and you better have your will made out.


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