His Royal Popiness

There seems to be some ferment in the media about the new Pope. He is supposedly shaking things up, investigating fraud, breaking up cliques and trying to focus on helping poor people.
This in my mind is just like re- arranging chairs on the Titanic.
The inbred constituency of the Vatican insiders will not be changed to the benefit of anyone.
The new focus on the poor should be a lens on why the poor got that way.

This leads to the basic inhumanity of the creed of the Catholic Church.
They teach that contraception is bad, and work to prevent the sale or distribution of contraceptives in poor countries. The women in those countries would not be poor if they had access to contraceptives and good health care.
They may not want 7 children before they are 25, or may have wanted an education instead of pregnancy forever.

How is making statements about the infallibility of the church going to help these women?
The increase in population is turning our planet into the Titanic, with the iceberg looming ever closer.
Can we support 10 billion peeople?
Can we provide clean water and basic foodstuffs for that many?

The statement the Vatican should be putting out is – ” Let everyone strive to have a quality life with few unwanted babies, and more education”. And then change the policy to help this mission statement along.


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